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Connect to yuor clients'profiles. Analyze their Business Insights and send them reports. No password needed.
Analyze your clients

Make your reports professional!

Analyze and che get connected to Instagram Business profiles of your clients. No password required. You will have access and be able to check their Instagram Business Insights real time. Send reports, including Business Insights up to 6 months in the past. Choose the exact dated you want to include in the report, or schedule it automatically every 1st of the month, we will email it to them.

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Content is King!

Any Social Media Manager knows that they will have to explain to their cients that Instagram is way more than posting a picture. And that success on Instagram is not proven only by the number of followers (or likes).

Imgoi helps your clients to understand this, by giving you access to deeper insights, created by us. In order to find out what type of contents perform the best on your profiles, speed up the growth and demostrate to your clients that your work makes the difference!

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Analyse your stories, optimize your results!

"Knowledge is power" - cit.

With Imgoi Business you have a full overview of the performance of your stories.

Understand which ones are the best, and what contents are interesting or not for your audience. Thanks to the Open Rate and to the Completion Rate. All in a simple and intuitive graphic interface

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Instagram Official API

Imgoi Business applied and obtained Instagram autorization to use Official API. This means that your profile are 100% safe (we don't ask for IG username and password) and that will not have any sort algorithm penalization from Instagram. As it may occur with those services that use Unofficial API.

This allow us to show business insights of your profile respecting Instagram terms and conditions, and above all to guarantee the quality of the data.

Therefore Facebook login is required in order to use Instagram Official API.

Imgoi makes you saving time!

If for you time is money, then our service is for you.

"seeing is believing". In Imgoi we like to make simple and easy things. So you have the possibility to understand the real value of our tool with a simple math equation.

Enter the number of your clients and the average of your cost per hour. You will see how much you can grow your profits : weekly, monthly, yearly!

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"Imgoi is without a doubt one of the best Analytics tools for Instagram in the market. If you deal with marketing, contents or growth it cannot miss in your toolbox. Immediate interface, simple user experience and above all a lot of metrics for your analysis."

Raffaele Gaito - Growth Hacker

The future of social media is in the quality of contents and the certainty of metrics.
Imgoi is therefore an essential tool for all those who want to work with social media.

Luca La Mesa - Social Media Strategist

Imgoi Team

"It's time to use marketing to do something else. To improve things. To generate the change you would like to see in the world." - Seth Godin
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