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This site uses cookies, that is small text files saved on the terminal during the visit / navigation of the site, which remain installed on the device and interact with the website that installed them or with a different website (third-party cookies). Depending on the features these small files can be stored for a specific period on the device (eg months or years), or be automatically removed at the end of each session.

The following cookies are used on this site:

First-party technical / functional

We use session cookies and persistent cookies in a way that is strictly limited to what is necessary for safe and efficient browsing of the site, useful for example to let you log in without entering credentials or remembering your preferences. Session cookies are removed when the browser is closed, persistent cookies are kept until they expire or can be deleted by the user. Since cookies are necessary for the site to function, disabling them could compromise usability or functions of the site.

Third party analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies in order to collect aggregate statistical data for access and use of the site. For these cookies, measures have been adopted, such as anonymisation, which reduce the identification power, making them comparable to technical cookies. It is possible to disable these cookies by downloading a specific browser plug-in found here:

For more information, visit this page:

Integration of third-party products and functions

The site may use third-party cookies provided by Facebook, to integrate some features, customize the user experience, insert social plugins or analyze navigation on this site. Some of them could be installed only if the user accesses the site while logged into Facebook in another browser tab or if he accesses the site using Facebook credentials. During the visit on our Website, personal data are not collected by us, but only aggregated anonymized data. Further information on these cookies is available at:,

It is also possible to manage the way in which Facebook uses the data collected by third parties on this dedicated page Please note that in some browsers it is possible to preventively install third-party cookies by acting on specific settings, further details are provided in the following point. Please note that following this operation, some services may not work.

Manage cookies and additional information

It is always possible to decide whether to accept cookies by modifying the settings provided by each browser. Through them it is in fact possible, for example, to completely or partially block the installation of cookies of the visited site or even third parties, as well as to activate advanced anti-tracking (do not track) or anonymous browsing functions. Below is a list of reference pages for managing cookies in the main browsers: (please note that the instructions may change depending on the device or operating system used)



Internet Explorer:



It is possible to receive further information on cookies, including understanding what the cookies have set on your device and how you can manage and delete them, by accessing the following link


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