kittyisgood - 滕Kitty 9 months ago

Last spring I raised 6 monarch butterflies. It was absolutely beautiful to watch them grow and then emerge. It's so cool how their wings come out all crumpled and wrinkled, but then after a short time they smooth out.

edilane.lima.940 - Edi 鳶 9 months ago

I feel like a cocoon. But I decided it's time to live a metamorphosis, to be a butterfly. Free, beautiful and happy. It's time to radiate peace in the spirit of those who look at me

aaviladavis - Alisha Avila Davis 6 months ago

I adore this. I will pick another image as my most favorite, because you have so many beautiful examples showcasing your crafstmanship and love for these insects, but I truly do adore watching this. It reminds me of Sunny, the migrating monarch butterfly I found wounded in my mother's garden when I was seven. She had a broken wing and was unable to fly south for the winter, so I took her in, fed her milkweed from our yard, and kept her alive for months. She would crawl all over me and give me "kisses" with her proboscis

aaviladavis - Alisha Avila Davis 6 months ago

I have an image of seven year-old me proudly holding an amethyst quartz cluster with her perched on top. Still two of my great loves.

peach8es - Pia 6 months ago

I love this picture. I had an old camera and i took 100+ pictures of butterflys in our garden my mother laughed at me, after we got the pictures but i'm so lucky to look at them. Last year they had to move with me in my new apartment. I'm so sad, because this one has no garden... love ur pictures